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-elena berridy
The Nettwerk Music Group connects music fans with music makers. Built on over
25 years of tenacity and ingenuity, the company offers its clients every conceivable service available in the business of music. Nettwerk is a worldwide organization, designed to provide on-the-ground support in countries far and wide. With a history of being at the forefront of leveraging technologies, the company is storming toward the genesis of a new music model, one that places the artist at both the creative and financial center.


Founded in August of 1984, Nettwerk Music Group is the umbrella company for Nettwerk Management and Nettwerk Records, as well as Nettwerk One, Nutone,
and Artwerk. With over 130 employees, the Vancouver based company has offices
in New York, Los Angeles, London, Boston, Nashville and Hamburg. The principles
of Nettwerk are founders Terry McBride, Mark Jowett, Dan Fraser and Ric Arboit.


Using RoyaltyShare’s technology and services, Nettwerk has reshaped its royalty operations from the ground up to support the expanded requirements of digital sales and diverse revenue streams.