Entertainment and Media companies are in the midst of unprecedented change. The explosion of digital distribution and mobile computing has opened new doors of opportunity while at the same time pushing operations to the brink.


RoyaltyShare offers large entertainment and media enterprises services to respond to these changes quickly and efficiently while preserving critical domain knowledge. RoyaltyShare brings years of experience helping these companies evaluate their operations and transform them to support the requirements of the digital age.

Entertainment and Media Expertise

RoyaltyShare, unlike other general service and consulting organizations, is focused exclusively on the needs of large entertainment and media companies. As a result, RoyaltyShare not only understands the unique operational requirements of entertainment companies, but has critical expertise in areas such as licensing, rights and metadata management, digital distribution, digital sales management and royalty processing. RoyaltyShare has helped dozens of companies offload non-core operations and significantly reduce costs.

RoyaltyShare Approach

RoyaltyShare takes a unique approach to operational transformation. The objective is to fully understand the immediate needs and develop a detailed plan to address the organizational objectives. RoyaltyShare’s solution can include:


• Assuming full management responsibility for a particular function or department
• Evaluating current business processes and identifying steps to improve short and long term efficiencies
• Applying state of the art, proven technology to address organization workflow or replace outdated systems

RoyaltyShare Clients

RoyaltyShare works with many of the world’s largest entertainment and media conglomerates. The company provides services to record labels, book publishers, distributors, and film and television companies.