Entertainment and media companies are struggling to respond to the radical changes of the past decade. In many cases, legacy systems that adequately supported the traditional revenue streams have been brought to their knees by the new digital revenue models and business demands for more timely information. In some cases older systems can be enhanced, but often times new systems are required.


RoyaltyShare offers an attractive alternative to the costs and risks associated with internal application development efforts. Based on proprietary, patent pending platform, RoyaltyShare offers powerful solutions for automating complex tasks and improving workflow.

RoyaltyShare’s Solutions

RoyaltyShare’s solutions were built from the ground up to provide the performance and scalability today’s environment demands. The company’s technology is used by more than 150 companies around the world.

Digital Advantage: Automation of Digital Sales Processing and Management

• Automated ingestion of revenue data from dozens of digital retailers
• Immediate availability of sales data
• Complete visibility into the process
• Advanced tools for transaction matching and error resolution
• Data validation tools
• Customized output to support ERP/downstream royalty systems
• Business analytics that can be accessed by multiple groups in the enterprise

RoyaltyShare RPS: The World’s Most Advanced Royalty Solution

• Advanced, Web-based system for complete management of royalties
• Built-in support for all digital revenue types
• Automated ingestion of revenue data from distributors and digital retailers
• Audit reports help identify and prevent embarrassing errors
• No software for clients to support or manage


RoyaltyShare’s technology solutions are often combined with Enterprise Services to provide clients with a complete solution for process optimization. The company can also provide customized solutions based on specific customer needs.